New Jody Hill/Seth Rogen twisted comedy OBSERVE AND REPORT has red band trailer.

Jody Hill’s debut comedy The Foot Fist Way didn’t make it to Australian shores and I badly wish that it had based on the good word of mouth on the internet (including from Will Ferrell) and the fact that it starred Danny McBride who was so great in Screener fave David Gordon Green’s All the Real Girls. (Danny McBride has also hit big in the mainstream with roles in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder). Reasons to be excited about this film: (1) Based on the trailer this film seems to have a fairly dark, perverse tone miles away from the gooey optimistic Apatow-produced stuff. (2) On a more cinephiley note, this film is being shot by Tim Orr, longtime collaborator of David Gordon Green.

With a star like Seth Rogen, I’m pretty sure that this will hit Australian cinemas so keep a look out.



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3 responses to “New Jody Hill/Seth Rogen twisted comedy OBSERVE AND REPORT has red band trailer.

  1. man Seth Rogan’s in everything. he’s the new Adam Sandler except he’s enjoyable to watch.

  2. I mean, I like the Apatow stuff a lot. I’m a pretty gooey, optimistic guy at heart. Having said that, I’m fascinated by the tone this trailer takes; it seems to suggest a film that will be more daring in its exploration of the kind of filthy mindset the Apatow films take so for granted. The voice-over in the trailer is so creepy, but very compelling — it never feels forced or tonally wrong. I’m very interested in this one.

    But not, mind you, at the expense of my romantic, sentimental mush. :D

  3. Brad

    Yeah I love me some Apatow too. He’s not infallible though – Forgetting Sarah Marshall was fairly…ahem…forgettable.

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