Almodovar’s BROKEN EMBRACES has a trailer.

Almodovar + Penelope Cruz = Masterpiece. No word yet as far as I can tell on whether this film has an Australian distributor. It is a no-brainer for Hopscotch though. Can’t wait.



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4 responses to “Almodovar’s BROKEN EMBRACES has a trailer.

  1. Almodovar is a good director, maybe even a very good director. His best work is when he collaborates with other writers (3 of 16 films up to Volver), but he’s never produced a great work. If he could just let go of his ego a bit, and work with better writers, he might actually produce a masterpiece. I hope he does, because I’ve found every film he’s made a disappointment.

    I like Cruz as an actress, but her performances are very predictable, a bit of a one-trick wonder. I’d like to see more range in her performances, to show us she can really act, and not just play herself (or a variation of it).

  2. Brad

    Have to disagree Paul! I think Almodovar is one of the great living auteurs. He has a great command of cinematic language, he has an instantly recognisable style and his films have a progressive sense of politics. That’s usually enough, but he makes very entertaining films too. Obviously I’m a big fan!

  3. What I feel holds Almodovar back is his writing. It’s all so trash novella melodrama that I can never take it seriously. He’ll get emotionally engaging, but then his switching between genres (something he prides himself on) smashes what he sets up. I know he’s very popular and some people like it, but I find it disappointing.

    He’s a master of visuals, no doubt, and that’s something I really love about his work. And I love his unconventional characters and questionably morality. It adds spice and freshness to his work. Almodovar is the director with whose work I have the most ambivalent relationship with. I both love and hate it passionately, and I find them immensely worthy of discussion because of it.

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