Trailer for Apatow’s next directing gig FUNNY PEOPLE.

What to make of the new trailer for Judd Apatow’s Funny People due here in September? All the death and crying seems to indicate that the Comedy Czar responsible for producing movies bringing full frontal nudity, period blood and poo jokes back into mainstream cinema is in his movies is, in his own movies, ramping up the melodrama:laughs ratio. We love Leslie Mann’s bad Eric Bana impersonation and Jonah Hill toning down his JonahHillness (He was hands down the worst cameo in Walk Hard). Let’s hope Apatow’s ambitions of making Serious Art don’t obey the law of diminishing returns.

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One response to “Trailer for Apatow’s next directing gig FUNNY PEOPLE.

  1. tim

    why do they make trailers like this? all the best lines/scenes from the film are in it (i’m guessing), and the whole narrative of the movie is either explicitly outlined or at least so heavy-handedly implied that there’s not much need to actually go and see it? am i wrong?

    this is a great blog by the way brad!

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