New red band trailer for Mottola’s ADVENTURELAND.

While we love director Greg Mottola for bringing us Superbad and a handful of episodes of Arrested Development and Undeclared (plus, the supposedly great 1996’s The Daytrippers which we haven’t seen and can’t comment on), and while we are very much looking forward to the upcoming Adventureland (hitting Australia in June), there is one big problem with this new red band trailer:The red band trailer is basically a promo to alert everyone that the film has swearing, sex and drugs in it. We’re happy about this of course but by making this the prime marketing scheme for a film, the people behind the publicity for this film are basically creating an audience of morons who will turn up to this film just to hear the word “fuck”; you know, the sort of dumb frat boy jock who likes to quote incessantly from Family Guy and Napoleon Dynamite instead of saying anything witty of his own accord. We anticipate plenty of awkward conversations at parties in June where “Don’t get all drunk and fall asleep … ’cause I’ll jack off on you face!” will be recited ad hominem.


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  1. Right on. Marketing kills the soul.


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