Is the Apatow-produced Gus Van Sant movie starring Zac Efron more than wishful thinking?


There’s this curious moment in Gus Van Sant’s interview of James Franco where Gus very deliberately brings up the subject of Zac Efron out of nowhere and then suggests to Franco that they all make a movie together with Judd Apatow:

GVS: Yeah. He is really nice. We should all do a Judd Apatow movie. You and Zac and me.

JF: Yeah. You should do a movie that Judd produces, and we’ll do it with Zac. What do you think?

GVS: Keep your eyes open for it.

JF: What kind of movie do you think it could be?

GVS: I’ll have to think about that one.

JF: If you have an idea and it’s like me and Zac playing basketball or delivering pizzas or whatever, I’m in.

Probably a joke but the idea of a Judd Apat0w produced comedy directed by Gus Van Sant starring James Franco and Zac Efron sounds derangedly awesome (and hot). Is this loopy theoretical cinematic masterpiece more than just wishful thinking? Here’s the evidence that says yes!

Exhibit A: Gus Van Sant interviews Zac Efron

In the following issue of Interview magazine, Gus Van Sant found an excuse to talk to his boy fantasy. It’s a weird interview: They mainly talk about geography and videogames. Either they’re flirting or they are forging a new professional relationship.

Exhibit B: Judd Apatow hires experimental directors

Though Judd Apatow is known as the creator of low-brow R-rated comedies, he often hires art house directors who often seem much better than the material they are given. Best example is The Pineapple Express which was helmed by Criterion-worthy David Gordon Green.

Exhibit C: Zac Efron is leaving the Disney nest.

It’s easy to have contempt for Zac Efron’s curriculum vitae which consists of, what, High School Musical and Hairspray? But the boy with the golden eyebrows is pulling a Timberlake and transcending his Disney-manufactured history. He’s appearing next in 17 Again in which he plays the younger version of Matthew Perry. It doesn’t look particularly good but it does require Efron to pull off a comedic role which involves very different skills to the ones he’s had to use so far in his acting career.

Exhibit D:


This photo is on Judd Apatow’s desk!Be ready for it people: This movie is hitting your screen faster than you can say bromance!

I wish. *sigh*



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2 responses to “Is the Apatow-produced Gus Van Sant movie starring Zac Efron more than wishful thinking?

  1. Zac Efron is also going to be playing the lead in Richard Linklater’s new film Me and Orson Welles. He’ll be playing Me, not Orson Welles.

    Not that that’s really relevant, just thought it was an interesting tidbit.

    And yes, this hypothetical Apafron van Sant movie would be awesome.

  2. Brad

    Yeah forgot about that. Should be interesting.

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