Director of THE HOST to adapt French sci-fi novel.

bjhSouth Korean director Bong Joon-ho is writing a script for Transperceneige, an adaptation of a French novel about a train loaded with the survivors of a devestating Ice Age. From

This train has enraptured me. I believe everyone has a fantasy about trains giving off chugs and puffs, and landscapes viewed from the window.

What you can see from the window in this story, however, is only the world icebound, with minus 80 degrees outside. Survivors live in the train, but they can’t stay in harmony even at a time of adversity.

The story is set on a train called Le Transperceneige, which is the last refuge for the few survivors of the end of world after a devastating war and glaciations. The train continues to move following a circle in a desert of snow and ice.

The train is a microcosm of human society with its different classes of passengers mirroring different political and social strata.

Each partition of the train represents a class. In the last partition of the train, people live wretched lives. The closer to the front they are, the more luxurious life gets.

This sounds perfect for the director of monster movie The Host. In that film, he showed he understood that big sci-fi concepts are most interesting when they form a social commentary. The Host was a monster film critiquing capitalism and American imperialism. Transperceneige looks like it will be in a similar vein.

This movie would come off the back off his forthcoming film Mother a crime drama about a mother who sets out to prove the innnocence of her son wrongly accused of murder. Having only seen Bong Joon-ho’s The Host, I’m looking forward to his upcoming segment in omnibus film Tokyo! (with fellow directors Michel Gondry and Leos Carax) to learn more of what this filmmaker is about.


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