To do: Chet Baker, Hitchcock, Junior Eurovision.

  • Tonight (Mon 27th): The Who double at Astor: Documentary The Kids Are Alright followed by the Who-scored drama Quadrophenia featuring the movie debut of Sting. [Astor]
  • Tue 28th: The Chet Baker documentary Let’s Get Lost plays as part of ACMI’s ‘Jazz on Film’ series (Sunday 26th April-Saturday 2nd May). Other films featured during the festival include Jazz on a Summer’s Day, Charlie Haden Rambling Boy, Sun Ra: Space is the Place and Touch of Evil [Jazz on Film] Nova is also hosting the Melbourne premiere of Charlie Kaufman‘s debut Synecdoche, New York. [Cinema Nova]
  • Wed 29th: Final night of Cinematheque’s Louis Malle retrospective: Au revoir, les enfants his film on the Holocaust told through the eyes of two young boys and Zazie dans le metro a comic film regarded well enough by Truffaut that he wrote Malle an enthusiastic letter. [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 30th: Wolverine releases wide while Quiet Chaos the Italian film about grief featuring Nanni Moretti opens at select art house cinemas. [Ed note: Quiet Chaos opens 21 May. Thanks to Jake W for the correction.] Also, ACMI starts a very short run of Sound Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary, a documentary about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. (Thursday 30th April-Sunday 3rd May.) [ACMI] And following the selection of Warwick Thornton‘s film Samson and Delilah for the Cannes Film Festival, Nova is showing a retrospective of his short films. [Cinema Nova] [Ed note: Apparently cancelled. Sorry for all the errors. Internet’s a bitch huh? Thanks Paul M.]
  • Fri 1st: Freaky Fridays plays a cheesy 1950s sci-fi double feature with The Brain Eaters and The Mole People. [Freaky Fridays]
  • Sun 3rd: Hitchcock double at the Astor: Rear Window (about an incapacitated photographer who suspects that a murder has occured in the apartment opposite his window) and Vertigo (a San Francisco-set psychological drama about a man’s obsession with a woman who imagines herself to be a tragic figure from history). [Astor]


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7 responses to “To do: Chet Baker, Hitchcock, Junior Eurovision.

  1. Brad, the Warwick Thornton shorts have been postponed, on a date to be confirmed, but likely to be around three weeks ago. I heard it first-hand at the Nova, but there’s no information about this on the website (it still has the event as happening).

    I was at the Nova for a screening of Synecdoche, New York. The verdict? In short, it’s a mind-bender, something you need to see more than once, ambitious, but not as compelling a film as say, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  2. Jake Wilson

    Wherever and whenever it shows up, I highly recommend Warwick Thornton’s short film Mimi, a fantasy-comedy starring Aaron Pedersen and David Gulpilil as indigenous ghostbusters. Upturns convention in more than one sense.

  3. Brad

    I’m kinda wary of Samson and Delilah as an ‘indigenous issues’ film, but I’m happy to be surprised. The word has been good.

  4. Jake Wilson

    If there was ever a film destined to challenge preconceptions about “indigenous cinema,” Samson and Delilah is the one. I look forward to seeing what you make of it.

  5. Sam

    let’s get lost is really good

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