Tarantino is a hack, Murakami gets adapted and Shia LaBoeuf likes his mum ‘that way’.

405px-Precious2009posterYou know that upcoming movie Precious, the one about the obese illiterate black female teenager who gets raped by her father and abused by her mother? The one that stars Mariah Carey?! It now has a gnarly poster and trailer. [The Black Snob]

Life just gets worse and worse for the kids from Slumdog Millionnaire who are apparently set for life due to trust funds hastily set up by the film’s producers. There’s some joke to be made here about the irony of a rags-to-riches fairytale movie being played by actors who went from rags to HAVING THEIR SHANTY HOUSE BULLDOZED BY THE GOVERNMENT LEAVING THEM HOMELESS. But it’s all pretty fucking sad. [Defamer]

Martin Scorsese is making a biopic of Frank Sinatra and I couldn’t care less. Actually, I care LESS about the rumours of either Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio playing ole Blue Eyes. [The Playlist]

olivier2Summer Hours is one of my favourite films of the year and it’s still playing in cinemas. Reverse Shot just posted a great interview with its director Olivier Assayas. [Reverse Shot]

Does a film based on Fellini‘s classic film 8 1/2 but reimagined as a musical with a cast including Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas sound like a good or bad idea? I’m opting for the latter.

shia_labeouf01-719085-760799Shia LaBoeuf: ‘Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother. She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.’ Shia is freaking awesome. Emphasis on ‘freaking’. [Movieline]

This biopic of Confucius starring Chow Yun Fat can’t not be a comedy. Can it? [Twitch]

20090506_whateverworks_560The poster for Woody Allen‘s next, Whatever Works, is spectacularly crummy. It literally looks like it was made with Microsoft Paint. In fact, I suspect Woody is intentionally making a statement here about not having to live up to social expectations. If this is so, this poster might actually be a work of genius and I want it on my wall. Trailer is [NY Mag]

An adaptation of the book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami is being made by Tran Anh Hung, the director of The Scent of the Green Papaya, Cyclo Matsuyama_Kenichiand The Vertical Ray of the Sun. This sounds kind of interesting. Oh and the lead will be played by Kenichi Matsuyama who is totally worth a Google Image Search [Twitch]

Can we just all agree now that Quentin Tarantino is a hack? Everything about Inglorious Basterds, his upcoming WWII flick sounds dumb and borderline offensive: Tarantino talking about WWII as a bunch of ‘great stories‘ to be plundered, the poster of Eli Fucking Roth handling a bunch of phalluses with that stupid smirk on his face, Tarantino pre-emptively calling his film a masterpiece, photos of him kissing Diane Kruger’s calves. Tarantino is like that character from The Simpsons, Artie Ziff. He acquires success, fame and wealth but he’s still a pathetic, sleazy nerd.



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7 responses to “Tarantino is a hack, Murakami gets adapted and Shia LaBoeuf likes his mum ‘that way’.

  1. Jake Wilson

    Kudos to Shia, although I’m more of an Emile Hirsch fan myself. Remember when Christina Ricci said she was “obsessed with incest”? I’m not sure what that did for her career.

    As for the new Tarantino, I can’t wait!

    • Brad

      lol. I know. Tarantino-bashing is not very popular I guess because he makes such god-damn entertaining films. But the fact that he’s this glorified auteur is kind of annoying.

      Christina Ricci! Geez, where is she now? I liked her a lot. She was pretty good in Black Snake Moan.

  2. Zora

    Norwegian Wood?! I am a pretty huge Murakami fan, but even I think it’s a pretty overrated novel. And basically every one of his other books is more interesting. Sigh.

    • Brad

      See I’m not really a Murakami fan at all (a point of heated contention between Kim and me). But Kenichi Matsuyama is hot so I will see the Norwegian Wood film.

  3. James Douglas

    Christina Ricci is just yet another of the many reasons why you should see Speed Racer. Totally reminded me of why I had a major crush on Wednesday Addams as a kid.

    Also, remember how I was saying that I thought Observe and Report would be worth seeing? It is. It really, really is. So much stranger, darker, and more mental than it looks. Jody Hill may be my new favorite American satirist.

    Also, on Nine, for a movie whose existence would seem to be predicated on watching Daniel Day Lewis play around with extremely attractive women, the presence of Fergie really is a deal-breaker, isn’t it? She is grotesque. And, really, Rob Marshall is the real hack here, not Tarantino.

  4. Ramon Glazov

    I like Early Tarantino a lot, though. I don’t care if he spends the rest of his life directing Montana Meth Project ads (like Darren Aronofsky, shockingly). The Sicillian Scene is pure fucking platinum. Although that might be because Tarantino got Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper to act it out.
    (However, I believe that both actors liked Tarantino’s screenplay and said that it was so well written that only two lines in the final film are ad-lib, out of a 10 minute scene.)

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