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To do: Uhh MIFF of course!


Post by Brad Nguyen

  • TUESDAY 21st: Ang Lee is speaking via satellite at a very early screening of TAKING WOODSTOCK. [Cinema Nova] The cooler kids will be at the PHILOS-o-FACE launch. PHILOS-o-FACE usually makes images of philosophers’ faces into brooches (I have the Deleuze one) but they are making a special batch of directors’ faces for MIFF. At Kids in Berlin, 472 Victoria Street. [PHILOS-o-FACE]
  • THURSDAY 23rd: Some exciting new releases this week: Legendary action director John Woo tries on his wuxia epic with Red Cliff, American independent director Jim Jarmusch tries on his existential art-noir with Limits of Control and Sam Raimi returns to his horror roots with Drag Me to Hell.


  • FRIDAY 24th: Opening night of the Melbourne International Film Festival which is running until August 9. I, of course, will be blogging and tweeting from the festival and, in the event that you should want to stalk and kill me, I’ve written up my MIFF schedule as a note on my Facebook page. Despite the slightly depressing popularist vibe of MIFF’s marketing campaign and the fact that most of the films are really just preview screenings for films that are being released this year by local distributors, there is still some interesting films on offer. I’m personally excited about the new Hirokazu Kore-eda film Still Walking and watching Willem Dafoe ejaculate blood and talk to a fox in Antichrist but, you know, to each their own. [MIFF]

still walkingantichrist-poster

  • SUNDAY: Really one of the best films of the year that no one is talking about, Summer Hours (dir. Olivier Assayas) is playing in a matinee session. [Astor]


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  • WEDNESDAY 8th: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno opens wide. Following the mixture of mockumentary and real-life pranks of Borat but replacing the misogynist/antisemitic Kazakhstani reporter with an uber-camp fashion reporter from Austria, the film is bound to offend, I dunno, rednecks and gays without a sense of humour.


  • THURSDAY 9th: Style Wars, a doco on the birth of hip-hop culture plays at the ACMI until Sunday 12th. Shot in NYC in the early 1980s, Tony Silver’s groundbreaking film documented the new language of hip hop – graffiti, rap, breakdance. [ACMI]


  • FRIDAY 10th: Two recently released comedies that didn’t get much notice but we gave very good reviews for, Adventureland and Observe and Report are showing as a double bill at Astor. [Astor]


  • SUNDAY 12th: Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Roadwarrior are showing at the Astor. [Astor]

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To do: Woody Allen, lesbians, Harmony Korine.


  • TONIGHT: Woody Allen double at the Astor: 1973’s Sleeper (about a man who is frozen after an ulcer operation and wakes up in the future 200 years later) screens with Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex from 1972. [Astor]


  • WEDNESDAY 1st: Cinematheque opens its retrospective of the work of Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski. This weeks double is Four Nights With Anna (2008), a stylised film on obsessive love and Deep End (1971) a black comedy about an adolescent boy’s sexual awakening as an employee of a seedy London bathhouse. [Cinematheque]


  • THURSDAY 2nd: This could be interesting. ACMI is playing a documentary called Beautiful Losers about a group of multi-disciplinary artists including street artist Shepard Fairey and filmmakers Harmony Korine (Kids, Ken Park, Mister Lonely) and Mike Mills (Thumbsucker). Hilarious interview with Harmony Korine from 1995 on Letterman which is pretty much required viewing here. Beautiful Losers is screening until Sunday. [ACMI]


  • FRIDAY 3rd: ACMI shows as part of their ‘Focus on Girls 24/7’ program Agnes Varda‘s Cleo from 5 to 7, a French New Wave film about a ditzy singer who kills time on the streets of Paris. [Focus on Girls 24/7] Freaky Fridays screens Executive Koala about a Japanese salaryman who also happens to be a koala. [Freaky Fridays] Cinema Fiasco presents Black Mama, White Mama a 1973 exploitation flick starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov about two ladies flung into a Third World women’s prison featuring the requisite shower scenes, cat fights and lesbians. The presentation features live commentary which sounds pretty irritating and unnecessary. [Astor]


  • SUNDAY 5th: James Bond double-feature at the Astor: Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965). [Astor]


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  • Tonight (Mon 4th): Seminal precursors to Baraka, the first two of Godfrey Reggio’s Quatsi Trilogy, Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance and Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation screen at Astor. Must be seen on the big screen. Baraka will screen next Monday. [Astor]
  • Wed 6th: A double feature of silent Danish films at Cinematheque. Benjamin Christensen’s trippy film Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages and The Master of the House by Carl Dreyer about the breakdown of a marriage. [Cinematheque] Meanwhile Melbourne Spiritual Cinema are screening at Glitch Secret Space II a documentary that investigates the evidence supporting the idea that highly intelligent ‘star gods’ with reptilian features have visited planet Earth. Okay… [Spiritual Cinema]
  • Thu 7th: Too many new releases to choose from. The Star Trek juggernaut releases wide. Samson and Delilah, the Australian indigenous love story competing at Cannes, and The Baader Meinhof Complex, a look at the inner workings of the German terrorist group the Red Army Faction, get an arthouse release. Synecdoche, New York the directorial debut of Charlie Kaufman gets a very limited release exclusively at Cinema Nova. [Cinema Nova] And if that ain’t enough, Soul Power begins a season (7th May-24th May) at ACMI. The film documents the 1974 concert that preceded the Ali vs. Foreman ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ featuring such greats as James Brown, B.B. King and Bill Withers. [ACMI] Finally, Bastardy an Australian doco about Jack Charles, an actor/drug addict/cat burglar. The film got great word of mouth at MIFF last year and opens at Kino today. Thanks, Paul M for the tip. [Kino]
  • Fri 8th: Freaky Fridays at ACMI are playing 1950s sci-fi flicks Cat Women on the Moon and Devil Girl from Mars. [Freaky Fridays]
  • Sat 9th: ACMI are playing the 1975 Australian film Pure Shit, which the Herald Sun at the time called ‘the most evil film ever made’. A look at Melbourne’s drug culture, the cast and crew will reunite for a Q&A session after the screening. [ACMI]
  • Sun 10th: ACMI screens the Muhammed Ali documentary When We Were Kings. [ACMI] The classic spaghetti western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Sergio Leone screens at the Astor. [Astor]

Trailers embedded after the jump: Continue reading


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To do: Chet Baker, Hitchcock, Junior Eurovision.

  • Tonight (Mon 27th): The Who double at Astor: Documentary The Kids Are Alright followed by the Who-scored drama Quadrophenia featuring the movie debut of Sting. [Astor]
  • Tue 28th: The Chet Baker documentary Let’s Get Lost plays as part of ACMI’s ‘Jazz on Film’ series (Sunday 26th April-Saturday 2nd May). Other films featured during the festival include Jazz on a Summer’s Day, Charlie Haden Rambling Boy, Sun Ra: Space is the Place and Touch of Evil [Jazz on Film] Nova is also hosting the Melbourne premiere of Charlie Kaufman‘s debut Synecdoche, New York. [Cinema Nova]
  • Wed 29th: Final night of Cinematheque’s Louis Malle retrospective: Au revoir, les enfants his film on the Holocaust told through the eyes of two young boys and Zazie dans le metro a comic film regarded well enough by Truffaut that he wrote Malle an enthusiastic letter. [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 30th: Wolverine releases wide while Quiet Chaos the Italian film about grief featuring Nanni Moretti opens at select art house cinemas. [Ed note: Quiet Chaos opens 21 May. Thanks to Jake W for the correction.] Also, ACMI starts a very short run of Sound Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary, a documentary about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. (Thursday 30th April-Sunday 3rd May.) [ACMI] And following the selection of Warwick Thornton‘s film Samson and Delilah for the Cannes Film Festival, Nova is showing a retrospective of his short films. [Cinema Nova] [Ed note: Apparently cancelled. Sorry for all the errors. Internet’s a bitch huh? Thanks Paul M.]
  • Fri 1st: Freaky Fridays plays a cheesy 1950s sci-fi double feature with The Brain Eaters and The Mole People. [Freaky Fridays]
  • Sun 3rd: Hitchcock double at the Astor: Rear Window (about an incapacitated photographer who suspects that a murder has occured in the apartment opposite his window) and Vertigo (a San Francisco-set psychological drama about a man’s obsession with a woman who imagines herself to be a tragic figure from history). [Astor]


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To do: Adultery, Dylan Moran, ethnic tension.

  • Tue 21st: The adventurous and out-of-pocket may consider the experimental films being shown at Glitch by Catacomb Carousel Cinematheque [Glitch] or the short amateur documentary on African child soldiers INVISIBLE CHILDREN being shown at Loop. [Loop] Otherwise CineCult is screening Abel Ferrara’s DRILLER KILLER at Bar 303 along with ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. [303]
  • Wed 22nd: Cinematheque continues its incredible retrospective of Louis Malle films. This week is THE LOVERS and LE FEU FOLLET. [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 23rd: Australian director Warwick Thornton is at Nova for a Q&A to support his latest film SAMSON AND DELILAH. [Cinema Nova] A season of the Dylan Moran comedy A FILM WITH ME IN IT opens excusively at Nova. [film website]
  • Fri 24th: Cory McAbee’s cult sci-fi musical western THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT featuring the Billy Nayer Show at ACMI. [Freaky Fridays]
  • Sun 26th: The faaaaaabulous ethnic street war musical WEST SIDE STORY plays at Astor. [Astor]

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To do: Bad acting, Louis Malle, sodomy.

  • Tonight (Mon 13th): Woody Allen’s HANNAH AND HER SISTERS plays with Ridley Scott’s THELMA AND LOUISE at Astor. [Astor]
  • Tue 14th: Is Not Magazine is screening the comically awful THE ROOM (from this century’s answer to Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau) at Loop Bar. You are tearing me apart Lisa! [ThreeThousand]
  • Wed 15th: Cinematheque starts a season of French director Louis Malle’s films with LIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD (1957) and LACOMBE, LUCIEN (1974). [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 16th: Tarantino and Rodriguez’s GRINDHOUSE at Astor. [Astor] Also, ACMI is starting a season of films focusing on actress Wendy Hughes. Yeah, I’ve never heard of her either but there are some good films in the program worth checking out. [ACMI]
  • Fri 17th: Freaky Fridays at ACMI play DELIVERANCE. Squeal like a pig! [Freaky Fridays]
  • Sat 18th: Director Sergei Dvortsevoy will be at Nova to discuss his film TULPAN after having won a bunch of prizes at Cannes. [Cinema Nova]
  • Sun 19th: GONE WITH THE WIND matinee or a Peter Sellers double (THE PARTY and THE PINK PANTHER) at Astor. [Astor]


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To do: Soul, claymation, robots.

  • Tonight (Mon 6th): Johnny Depp double-bill at the Astor – WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and ED WOOD. [Astor]
  • Tue 7th: ACMI is running an exclusive season of SOUL POWER documenting the concert preceding the 1974 Ali v. Foreman fight featuring James Brown, Bill Withers and B. B. King among others. Ends May 24th. [ACMI]
  • Wed 8th: Cinematheque shows films of influential Australian documentarian John Heyer. [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 9th: Dylan Moran is giving a Q&A at Nova for his new film we know nothing about A FILM WITH ME IN IT. [Nova] If you don’t already have tickets then Adam Elliot’s debut feature claymation film MARY & MAX opens today. [] Also opening, OBSERVE AND REPORT, starring Seth Rogen. [website] [Ed note: Opening May 14. Thanks Yosh] ACMI also begins a short season of adventure film THE FALL (directed by Tarsem Singh and presented by Spike Jonze and David Fincher). It looks freaking mental judging by the trailer. Runs until this Sunday. [ACMI]
  • Fri 10th: 1963 Italian horror-thriller THE GHOST (LO SPETTRO) as part of Freaky Fridays. [ACMI]
  • Sun 12th: ROBOCOP at the Astor. [Astor]


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To do: Counter culture, Hunter S. Thompson, space.

  • Tonight (Mon 30th): Jean-Luc Godard’s documentary about sixties Western counter culture SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL features the Rolling Stones heavily and shows at The Astor. [Astor]
  • Wed 1st: Cinematheque shows some old comedies: Ernst Lubitsch’s SHOP AROUND THE CORNER from 1940 and 1920’s EROTIKON. [Cinematheque] Arthouse doco double at the Astor – GONZO: THE LIFE AND WORK OF DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON and Guy Maddin’s MY WINNIPEG. [Astor]
  • Thu 2nd: The oh-my-god it’s brilliant SUMMER HOURS from Olivier Assayas opens at select art house cinemas. [] Also the La Mirada Film Festival (curated in part by Almodovar, Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz) begins. [] Continue reading

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To do: Claymation, Nazis, dogs, sluts.

  • Wed 25th: MARY AND MAX has its Melbourne premiere at the Nova with filmmakers Adam Elliot and Melanie Coombs in attendance for a Q&A. [Cinema Nova]
  • Thu 26th: Viggo Mortensen will be at the Nova to fulfil his contractual promotional obligations for Nazi flick GOOD. [Cinema Nova] Also, Kelly Reichardt’s WENDY & LUCY opens today. []
  • Sat 28th: The MQFF finishes on Sunday. It probably says a lot about the festival that my most anticipated film is Madonna’s directorial debut FILTH & WISDOM. [MQFF]

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