Recommendations and Anticipations

Recommendations now showing:

  • TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, Michael Bay (Paramount) [review]
  • SAMSON AND DELILAH, Warwick Thornton (Footprint Films) [review]
  • SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, Charlie Kaufman (Roadshow) [review]
  • STAR TREK, J J Abrams (Paramount)
  • MARY AND MAX, Adam Elliott (Icon) [review]

Anticipated releases:

  • BRUNO – 9 Jul
    What: A mock-fashion program about a flamboyant gay Austrian fashionista whose exploits in America land him in trouble, exposing American hypocrisy. Why? Sacha Baron Cohen is Ali G and Borat. This will be hilarious and uncomfortable and low-brow and brilliantly political. And maybe they’ll throw in some gay sex.
  • THE LIMITS OF CONTROL, Jim Jarmusch – 23 Jul
  • DISTRICT 9, Neill Blomkamp (Sony) – 13 Aug
  • THE BROTHERS BLOOM, Rian Johnson – 13 Aug
  • CORALINE, Henry Selick (Universal) – 13 Aug
    What: Stop-motion animation based on Neil Gaiman’s book about a girl who finds her way to an idealised but disturbing parralel universe. Why? Henry Selick is the guy behind Nightmare Before Christmas and brings the same perverse tone to this kid’s flick. He also animated the amazing fish in The Life Aquatic. Plus, the film’s in 3D which is cool.
  • INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, Quentin Tarantino – 20 Aug
  • MOON, Duncan Jones (Sony) – 3 Sep
  • UP, Pete Doctor – 3 Sep
  • FUNNY PEOPLE, Judd Apatow – 10 Sep
  • (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, Marc Webb – 1 Oct
  • WHATEVER WORKS, Woody Allen (Hopscotch) – 15 Oct
  • THE WOLFMAN, Joe Johnston – 5 Nov
  • A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Robert Zemeckis – 12 Nov
  • WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, Spike Jonze – 10 Dec
  • AVATAR, James Cameron – 17 Dec
  • THE LOVELY BONES, Peter Jackson (Paramount) – 26 Dec
  • BROKEN EMBRACES, Pedro Almodovar (Paramount) – 26 Dec
  • THE FANTASTIC MR FOX, Wes Anderson – 7 Jan

3 responses to “Recommendations and Anticipations

  1. I can't - will be killed if I do so.

    To make a long story short, I know someone in the movie industry that was partly involved in this film. He wanted his 90 minutes back.

    • FWIW, all the recommendations on your list that I’ve seen, I agree with. Same with the ‘avoids’. Of ‘anticipated’, I say ignore:
      A Film With Me In It – very disappointing; starts off funny enough but runs out of ideas half way through and leaves itself with nowhere to go.
      Quiet Chaos – another dull Italian family melodrama that is stupid, stupid, stupid

      The first one is kind of OK as a time-filler but the Italian film is excruciating.

  2. mick

    gday brad

    i catch you maybe every 2nd week on rrr and keep not getting round to phoning up to praise your reviews. found your site so using this for a big note of thanks. hope we get the benefit of your thoughts knowledge interps and observations well into the future in whatever media forums evolve!


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