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In defence of BRUNO


Review by Brad Nguyen

The comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen traffics in causing conservative outrage yet time and time again he courts criticism from what might be badly defined as the Liberal Media. SBC’s latest film, Bruno, in which he plays a flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist on a quest for celebrity stardom in America, is designed to make fun of American homophobia but critics are still calling Bruno a homophobic film. Are they right? Continue reading

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  • WEDNESDAY 8th: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno opens wide. Following the mixture of mockumentary and real-life pranks of Borat but replacing the misogynist/antisemitic Kazakhstani reporter with an uber-camp fashion reporter from Austria, the film is bound to offend, I dunno, rednecks and gays without a sense of humour.


  • THURSDAY 9th: Style Wars, a doco on the birth of hip-hop culture plays at the ACMI until Sunday 12th. Shot in NYC in the early 1980s, Tony Silver’s groundbreaking film documented the new language of hip hop – graffiti, rap, breakdance. [ACMI]


  • FRIDAY 10th: Two recently released comedies that didn’t get much notice but we gave very good reviews for, Adventureland and Observe and Report are showing as a double bill at Astor. [Astor]


  • SUNDAY 12th: Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Roadwarrior are showing at the Astor. [Astor]

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Susan Sarandon battles the Wachowski Brothers for World’s Hottest MILF title.

joseph-gordon-levitt1I like Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt a lot and Rainn Wilson is OK I guess but this ‘indie dramedy’ they’re starring in sounds horrible: In ‘Hesher’, Gordon-Levitt is a loser twenty-something (aren’t we all?) who invades the life of an awkward 13-year-old who lives with a pill-popping father (Wilson) and grandmother. The kid falls in love with a supermarket worker (Portman) who protects him from bullies. In the bin! [THR]

Rian Johnson (Brick) has announced his next film ‘Looper‘, a sci-fi set in a future dystopic society that has suffered a ‘huge financial collapse of some sort’ (look, it’s topical!) and it’s ‘very dark, very violent’ (must be serious!). I’m sceptical about this one. Brick was a high concept teen/noir film that was seriously about nothing. His goal with this one is to ‘tell a story and keep people watching’. What an artist. [/Film] Continue reading


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Charlyne Yi steals your dreams of dating Michael Cera and being a successful filmmaker.



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Short cuts: Everyone’s a hipster, including Ang Lee.


  • Filmmaking team Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s last film Half Nelson was kind of a rip-off of David Gordon Green’s short film Physical Pinball but at least it showed they have good taste. They’re making a couple more films including baseball film Sugar which has a trailer and poster.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno got the kiss of death from the MPAA rating body. This means we’ll probably have to wait until the Special Edition DVD for all the butt-sex footage.
  • I’m not that excited about late-Scorsese, but he’s adapting a Dennis Lehane novel and found a great cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Max von Sydow, Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer and Jackie Earle Haley. Consider my interest piqued. Continue reading


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