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Images from the Melbourne-made sci-fi EXIT.

exit03Having established the general ineptness of Australian movie marketing, it’s kind of exciting when a film does something right in getting us interested in the film. I’m talking here about the forthcoming sci-fi film Exit. The film’s writer Martyn Pedler (a local media jack-of-all-trades) has posted some images from the production of Exit on his website. This is a great move, taking a page out of the whole ‘production diary’ phenomenon exemplified by the Lord of the Rings website and currently what Edgar Wright is doing with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World video diaries or the similar stuff that the crew of the Greg Mottola-helmed Paul are doing. Letting the audience in on the production process, if done correctly, is really effective at creates a sense of connection between the audience and the film and can help immeasurably with word-of-mouth.

So now that the images are out there, let the judging begin! Continue reading

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