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Tarantino is a hack, Murakami gets adapted and Shia LaBoeuf likes his mum ‘that way’.

405px-Precious2009posterYou know that upcoming movie Precious, the one about the obese illiterate black female teenager who gets raped by her father and abused by her mother? The one that stars Mariah Carey?! It now has a gnarly poster and trailer. [The Black Snob]

Life just gets worse and worse for the kids from Slumdog Millionnaire who are apparently set for life due to trust funds hastily set up by the film’s producers. There’s some joke to be made here about the irony of a rags-to-riches fairytale movie being played by actors who went from rags to HAVING THEIR SHANTY HOUSE BULLDOZED BY THE GOVERNMENT LEAVING THEM HOMELESS. But it’s all pretty fucking sad. [Defamer] Continue reading


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To do: Fellini, rock videos, noir, childhood, Mickey Rourke.

  • Tonight: Fellini’s 1983 film AND THE SHIP SAILS ON about the events on board a luxury liner filled with the friends of a deceased opera singer. Includes the wacky, bravura musical sequence above. [ACMI]
  • Saturday: Wrangler presents the best rock videos of all time. [Rooftop]
  • Sunday: Go film noir with THE BIG SLEEP (Howard Hawks, 1946) and THE MALTESE FALCON (John Huston, 1941) at The Astor or revisit your childhood with THE NEVERENDING STORY at Rooftop. [Astor] [Rooftop]
  • Monday: Watch the Oscars on your television set or revisit future Oscar Mickey Rourke’s golden years with a Mickey Rourke double feature at The Astor: BARFLY and DESPERATE HOURS. [Astor]

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