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  • WEDNESDAY 8th: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno opens wide. Following the mixture of mockumentary and real-life pranks of Borat but replacing the misogynist/antisemitic Kazakhstani reporter with an uber-camp fashion reporter from Austria, the film is bound to offend, I dunno, rednecks and gays without a sense of humour.


  • THURSDAY 9th: Style Wars, a doco on the birth of hip-hop culture plays at the ACMI until Sunday 12th. Shot in NYC in the early 1980s, Tony Silver’s groundbreaking film documented the new language of hip hop – graffiti, rap, breakdance. [ACMI]


  • FRIDAY 10th: Two recently released comedies that didn’t get much notice but we gave very good reviews for, Adventureland and Observe and Report are showing as a double bill at Astor. [Astor]


  • SUNDAY 12th: Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The Roadwarrior are showing at the Astor. [Astor]

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OBSERVE AND REPORT takes a taser to the fantasies of American exceptionalism.


[Observe and Report trailer here.]

Review by James Douglas

With Observe and Report, director Jody Hill cements his place as my new favorite American satirist. Previously known for micro-budgeted indie The Foot Fist Way, and HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down, Observe finds Hill with an increasingly sure grasp of the complex tonalities that marked his previous work, and a high budget, studio-sanctioned playground in which he can let them loose. There’s something excitingly transgressive about watching such subversive, disturbing material delivered straight to multiplexes in a film populated with the hot comedy stars of the moment. Humour is pulled from date-rape, recreational drug use, sexual perversion, mental illness, serious alcoholism, and violence against minors. The key, somewhat contradictorily, is the way Hill plays the laughs, and the characters, so close to real life. Continue reading


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To do: Soul, claymation, robots.

  • Tonight (Mon 6th): Johnny Depp double-bill at the Astor – WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and ED WOOD. [Astor]
  • Tue 7th: ACMI is running an exclusive season of SOUL POWER documenting the concert preceding the 1974 Ali v. Foreman fight featuring James Brown, Bill Withers and B. B. King among others. Ends May 24th. [ACMI]
  • Wed 8th: Cinematheque shows films of influential Australian documentarian John Heyer. [Cinematheque]
  • Thu 9th: Dylan Moran is giving a Q&A at Nova for his new film we know nothing about A FILM WITH ME IN IT. [Nova] If you don’t already have tickets then Adam Elliot’s debut feature claymation film MARY & MAX opens today. [maryandmax.com] Also opening, OBSERVE AND REPORT, starring Seth Rogen. [website] [Ed note: Opening May 14. Thanks Yosh] ACMI also begins a short season of adventure film THE FALL (directed by Tarsem Singh and presented by Spike Jonze and David Fincher). It looks freaking mental judging by the trailer. Runs until this Sunday. [ACMI]
  • Fri 10th: 1963 Italian horror-thriller THE GHOST (LO SPETTRO) as part of Freaky Fridays. [ACMI]
  • Sun 12th: ROBOCOP at the Astor. [Astor]


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New Jody Hill/Seth Rogen twisted comedy OBSERVE AND REPORT has red band trailer.

Jody Hill’s debut comedy The Foot Fist Way didn’t make it to Australian shores and I badly wish that it had based on the good word of mouth on the internet (including from Will Ferrell) and the fact that it starred Danny McBride who was so great in Screener fave David Gordon Green’s All the Real Girls. (Danny McBride has also hit big in the mainstream with roles in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder). Reasons to be excited about this film: (1) Based on the trailer this film seems to have a fairly dark, perverse tone miles away from the gooey optimistic Apatow-produced stuff. (2) On a more cinephiley note, this film is being shot by Tim Orr, longtime collaborator of David Gordon Green.

With a star like Seth Rogen, I’m pretty sure that this will hit Australian cinemas so keep a look out.


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