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New trailer for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Snail Trail.


  • Fairly adorable director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is video-blogging the making of his new film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a slacker/romantic comedy/action film/musical?, based on the comics. Featured: Michael Cera playfighting with a feisty asian chick. Does Charlyne Yi know about this?! The soundtrack sounds potentially interesting: Nigel Godrich, Sloan, Metric, Broken Social Scene.
  • Contemporary horror films are generally boring and moronic. But with Lars von Trier attached (he’s obviously not interested in that Dogme 95 thing anymore), and Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg starring, be prepared for something wacky. Antichrist has a creepy trailer whose scariest moment is a Willem Dafoe sex scene. (Shriek!!) Continue reading

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Charlyne Yi steals your dreams of dating Michael Cera and being a successful filmmaker.



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FOOTLOOSE remake will no longer be Efron-tastic.

zac_efronAccording to Hollywood Insider, the remake of Footloose will continue through to production without the star-wattage of Zac Efron:

As for Efron, who spent more than a year and a half attached to the project, sources say the High School Musical phenom had been advised to hold off on doing another musical until he’d established more versatility in a variety of genres.

Translation: Zac Efron is DEFINITELY going to make a gay comedic Gus Van Sant art film about pizza boys produced by Judd Apatow, costarring James Franco.


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Is the Apatow-produced Gus Van Sant movie starring Zac Efron more than wishful thinking?


There’s this curious moment in Gus Van Sant’s interview of James Franco where Gus very deliberately brings up the subject of Zac Efron out of nowhere and then suggests to Franco that they all make a movie together with Judd Apatow:

GVS: Yeah. He is really nice. We should all do a Judd Apatow movie. You and Zac and me.

JF: Yeah. You should do a movie that Judd produces, and we’ll do it with Zac. What do you think?

GVS: Keep your eyes open for it.

JF: What kind of movie do you think it could be?

GVS: I’ll have to think about that one.

JF: If you have an idea and it’s like me and Zac playing basketball or delivering pizzas or whatever, I’m in.

Probably a joke but the idea of a Judd Apat0w produced comedy directed by Gus Van Sant starring James Franco and Zac Efron sounds derangedly awesome (and hot). Is this loopy theoretical cinematic masterpiece more than just wishful thinking? Here’s the evidence that says yes! Continue reading


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